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View Diary: Let's take out Scott Walker in Wisconsin: Mary Burke for governor (96 comments)

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    Mary needs every cent, every tweet, every mention we can give her.
    But then she needs to do something smart with it.  Not Mike Tate smart, George Lakoff smart.

    With Lakoff, the grassroots activists developed the "Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign," to connect all of those issues. At two early meetings, Lakoff joined the activists on a in a video conference to talk about how they could unite around a progressive definition of freedom.
    "You learn how to respond to conservatives, and not just to respond but to go on the offensive and get the message out in every possible way," he says. "That takes organization and will." "You never speak to conservatives using conservative language," he adds. "'The issue is jobs'—No. Freedom is an issue. Freedom from wage slavery is an example. To get that we need good paying union jobs, where you get paid fairly, and you are treated like a human being, where you get not “benefits” but health care that is part of your salary. That’s good for everybody—it’s good not to have employees that are sick, its good to have a population that is healthy . . . this is not rocket science. Everything I say is what you already know. My job is to tell you what you already know but are not saying."

    The only reason the 1% are rich is because the 99% agree they are.

    by GreatLakeSailor on Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 07:09:10 PM PDT

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