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View Diary: LaBrea Tar Pits Museum (Photo Diary) (44 comments)

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  •  I grew up there. (12+ / 0-)

    I used to go fly kites in the green space that is now the Page Museum, which is a pretty cool museum, but I liked the open park.

    The large pit used to have concrete sculptures of a mastodon and fighting tigers in it, before the more realistic fiberglass tableau. It also used to have a huge rabbit population and a lot of prickly pear plants where the rabbits lived around the edge of the pit, and we used to go feed them for fun as kids. I used to find frogs in the little smelly stream that they are now working to restore to a more natural system.

    Of course, I love the original LACMA buildings that are next door, and really don't like the plans for the new LACMA complex that are brewing. Ugh. I wish they would restore the originals, complete with the reflecting pools. I know that they aren't adequate for the museum's needs, but there are other ways to expand the museum and honor the original architecture, which was lovely mid-century stuff.

    Here is the Save and Restore Original LACMA Buildings Facebook page for those of you who care.


    Thanks for the Tar Pits photo diary. I love that place. It ruined many an outfit from my childhood. Asphalt does not come out of clothes.

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