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View Diary: Warmonger Media Storm Against Saving Sgt. Bergdahl Shows Why We Have So Much War (13 comments)

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    I empathize with your frustration, but I don't think it's accurate or helpful to see Obama as all one thing or all the other, nor the Empire as monolithic. I don't think that helps understand what's going on or helps people to fruitfully intervene. You can always say that whatever happens is in the interests of the Empire. They start a war, they end a war, it's all in the interests of the Empire. And, in some sense, that's true.

    But some things are more in the interests of a kill-more-people version of the Empire, and some things are more in the interests of a kill-fewer-people version of the Empire, and the way that members of the public who want to kill fewer people have influence is that they ally with the faction that wants to kill fewer people at a particular juncture, regardless of the motivations of the faction that wants to kill fewer people.

    Right now Obama is trying to end the war, and some Republicans are trying to keep it going, and so I don't have a shred of qualm (is that legal English?) against allying with Obama against the Republicans on this, even as I struggle against Obama on other fronts (e.g. the drone strike policy.)

    And, in general, I think the dynamics here show why even in struggling against Obama on the things where he is clearly bad, like the drone strike policy, one has to take these dynamics into account - a big part of why he is bad on the drone strike policy is the climate that he is facing that is evidenced in the warmonger media storm against the deal to rescue Bergdahl. This is submerged when we say that "Obama is doing the drone strikes." Of course he is doing the drone strikes, he is responsible for that. But there is a tremendous pushback on efforts to reform the drone strike policy coming from the same people who are now pushing back against the Bergdahl deal. And reforming the drone strike policy requires defeating these forces, not just trashing Obama.

    I'm not saying that one should hold back on criticism of Obama on that front; only that portraying the situation as all about Obama being bad is not going to help us win in terms of killing fewer people.

    Everything is not going to be ok. But this deal is definitely in the direction of making things better. I have been advocating for this for a long time; it's not like I'm in favor of this because Obama is doing it; I was in favor of it for a long time before Obama did it. Consistency requires that I strongly defend Obama when he gets major flak for doing the thing that I have long called on him to do.


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