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View Diary: The way to stop corporate lawbreaking is to prosecute the people who break the law says Robert Reich (64 comments)

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  •  Biltmore Farms and Jack Cecil CEO (0+ / 0-)

    Mr. Reich I tried to hold Jack Cecil, CEO of Biltmore Farms accountable for the fall, injury, and disability I sustained as a result of a hazard created on his property.

    Mr. Cecil, in conjunction with Mr. Liam McGee of Hartford Insurance, misused an archaic common law to deny full medical, all loss of income and any compensation for pain and suffering.

    In trying to hold them accountable, by myself, I wrote a court complaint that was determined to be, "just a mess" by one of the lawyers representing a company Jack Cecil said was responsible.  I attempted to also hold this and another company as responsible, because Jack Cecil literally "threw them under the bus" by saying it wasn't his fault, it was the fault of his partner, and a contracted firm.

    Unless I was able to have the help of someone such as yourself Mr. Reich, people like myself don't have a chance.
    Is it criminal to deny responsibility, then have a judge agree, and be financially and physically devastated for the rest of my life due to a hazard caused by Biltmore Farms, Jack Cecil CEO and his insurer Hartford Insurance, CEO Liam McGee?

    It should be criminal-but this nightmare occurs in North Carolina because unethical companies like Biltmore Farms and Hartford Insurance, and their CEO's know they can get away with it.

    Mr. Reich, if you would like to take my case, as a criminal case, please do.  They refused to hear it as a civil case here in North Carolina, so I agree with you, please help me find Jack Cecil, and Liam McGee criminally responsible for the hazard created, that caused my injury and disability, for the fraud of denying me full compensation, respectively, and for the additional physical and financial pain and suffering caused by the refusal to take legal responsibility.

    Please consider my case Mr. Reich.

    And to all Daily Kos readers please read and sign my petition on

    You don't want to come to North Carolina, and definitely don't step foot on a Biltmore property insured by Hartford Insurance.

    Meg Conway, Asheville NC

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