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View Diary: The way to stop corporate lawbreaking is to prosecute the people who break the law says Robert Reich (64 comments)

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  •  If your children shoplift, (0+ / 0-)

    You can be summarily tossed out of public housing.  If your lousy or non-existent parenting oversight contributes to them committing crimes, you can be jailed.  If your minor child causes me property damage or injures me, darn right I will sue, not the minor child, but YOU.  
    "Determining strategic direction" is a code phrase for "having meetings in which we are all confused and bored by the presentations, but too ashamed or disconnected to ask what they mean,so we'll just rubber-stamp them".

    •  And if your kid refuses to go to school... (0+ / 0-)

      ... even if they are too old to physically force them to go, you can still go to jail. Sure, you could give them to the state, but those are your options - if you can't find a way to make your kid go, you're screwed, regardless if you're actually a lousy parent or not.

      And don't tell me there are no misbehaving kids, with good parents - I was one, once upon a time. My mother wasn't perfect, but she sure as hell didn't do anything to justify her going to jail for my flagrant absences from school. Well she did do one thing. She worked - as if she had a choice.

      I'm not saying assigning parental responsibility for a child's behavior is always wrong - and I'm certainly not agreeing with the parental theory argument above - but it's not always right either.

      Though obviously to the greater point, there is a vast an monumental difference, between a group of ADULT board members being responsible for the actions of a group of ADULT employees. Some business entity repercussions are in order.

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