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    •  Wild Wild West (7+ / 0-)

      The Tea Party Gun Nuts are still living under a bridge to the 19th Century,  most of the original 13 States and many of the States created within the next few decades all had laws against carrying weapons in public, both concealed and open carry, those weapons included guns, swords, tomahawks, clubs and large knives.   Isn't it amazing how the Tea Party Gun Nuts who have no memory of anything prior to the 08' Election seem to know more about the Constitution than the people who wrote, signed, and made it the Law of the Land?

      The only reason the Tea Party and NRA still exist is because stupidity and ignorance "sells", just check you TV News and Programming.

      •  Facts (3+ / 0-)
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        martyrita, MaryWanna, bobcat41702

        Why do people insist on bringing up facts when the NRA and their crazies have such a beautiful narrative going?  Of course, one needs guns in plain sight at Target to discourage line jumpers.  Everyone should be allowed to carry guns in Chipotle; the name sounds foreign and there may be Illegal Aliens there who might need shooting for some reason.  One should also be allowed to stand around with large guns in public places- after all, there might be a snake or some other deadly creature waiting to attack these patriots.

        There is the question of why these people are free to loiter around various venues during work days.  Why aren't they at work or won't their bosses allow them to work armed?  These people seem to be the very definition of loser.  They are male, unshaven, in less that excellent physical condition, who seem unable to put together a grammatically correct sentence, who are forced to shop at Target or spend their days loitering in public squares- hardly the type to make any woman's heart beat faster, which may be why their most important love affair is with their firearm, purchased on line-no doubt.

      •  This "gun nut" (0+ / 0-)

        is well versed in the Constitution, the wild west[ well the Native American side anyway since I'm primarily Cherokee] is an NRA member and has no desire whatsoever to vote t-party or Repub.

        I'm also aware things have changed since the 1880's. That's also what I keep arguing to the conservative side of the aisle.

        Since the 1880's we have made huge strides in all area's and one of those area's happens to be mental health.

        As I just stated in another diary, blaming guns for someone being mentally deficient enough to want to do carnage with said gun is like blaming Goodyear for your tires being slashed by a vandal.

        It isn't Goodyears fault your tires went flat. It's the vandals fault.

        You in turn address the vandalism issue, not try and ban Goodyear tires.

        Gun control has already proven to be ineffective. The mentally insane don't even always use guns.

        Do some more historical research and you'll see I'm correct because you also have to add serial killers into the mix such as Ted Kyzinski,,, the Uni-bomber.

        It's admirable to want to limit what someone mentally deficient can do regarding mayhem but it's misguided.

        Wouldn't it make more sense to address the problem and just maybe end the problem by addressing the lack of mental health availability?

      •  Open Carry: (0+ / 0-)

        There are some who argue that the Second Amendment Militia nonsense was a get around so that "Militias" in the South, who were required to do a month duty, more to check to see if slaves were behaving. Slaves weren't considered whole people and partial people couldn't own weapons. The Plantation culture of the Old South was terrified of an armed slave uprising.

        Jefferson and others were terrified of a French revolution style government take over.

        The fallacy of gunship in the "Old West" was more fostered by Ten Cent western novel books that glamorized the old west and sold lots of books in the East.  Billy The Kid was a 2-bit criminal until some eastern writer turned him into a hero. Hollywood glamorized the carrying of the gun. In fact, contrary to many movies, if any gang of thugs moved in to terrorize a town, the rough and tough farmers and ranchers would have gone home and gotten their weapons and ambushed the crooks. Killed them dead and planted them in the cemetery.

        That movie "High Noon"? In most cases in the old West, if some dude came to town to shoot the sheriff, most of the townspeople would have been standing in the doorways with shotguns and rifles. If the dude didn't get wise and leave, they would have shot him first. And if by some chance, the bad guy did shoot the sheriff, it is highly unlikely that he would have left town standing up. The town would celebrate with a Bullet Dance.

        It just didn't happen the way the NRA likes to tell us.

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