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  •  Went to his link I didn't see anything (2+ / 0-)
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    coquiero, Glen The Plumber

    especially strict --

    In Somalia, private possession of fully automatic weapons is prohibited

    In Somalia, private possession of handguns (pistols and revolvers) is permitted under a licence

    In Somalia, only licensed gun owners may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition

    Oh, licensing is strict, in frankrose's terms ... well, you're right, that is NRA rw crap

    I'd love to HR but in truth it attracts his frenemies and gets him mojo because they'll uprate any bullshit (see my comment above, please, about the whining), ignoring him works much better

    •  But it clued me into why Frank keeps spamming (3+ / 0-)

      that "fact" about Somalia.  It seemed irrelevant but I knew he wouldn't keep repeating it if it didn't have some RW meaning.

      Now I understand how it ties to NRA theology.  I didn't get it before.

      I blog about my daughter with autism at her website

      by coquiero on Fri Jun 06, 2014 at 02:54:14 PM PDT

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      •  agree... (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        coquiero, Glen The Plumber

        and I had no idea Somalia was a liberal nexus of gun control

        I'd like to get rid of this ugly rhetoric too but 'franky's gang' uprates any HR now, no matter the nastiness of it, they do so on some vague principle of vitimization, and he should be able to spew whatever, whenever without check

        but whew, you read what people say, it's checked, he's been played for such a fool : )

        •  "frankie's gang" (0+ / 0-)

          Bullshit, hypocrisy & projection.
          Why don't you keep your petty & personal problems with me between us?
          Hate to see your incessant & boring meta get spread too thin.

          "no matter the nastiness of it"
          What was 'nasty' about my comment?
          Try to keep your bullshit plausible.

          "he's been played for a fool"
          If linking evidence of a factual statement is "being played for a fool", then you have a point.
          Again, try to keep your bullshit plausible.:)

          Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

          by FrankRose on Fri Jun 06, 2014 at 05:46:05 PM PDT

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