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  •  Your comparison is flawed (0+ / 0-)

    The 18th century rural model was nothing like the American west's rancher or homesteader, or today's "rural farmer" model. It was nuclear village-based with surrounding fields. Just like the towns and shires of England, which was the model they knew and built on.

    Everyone lived in villages, towns or cities, few people lived in solitary homesteads where they might have needed guns for hunting or protection.

    Villagers, townsmen, and urban dwellers simply had no need for guns on a large scale.

    Modern gun culture is not a tradition, rural or otherwise. It is a manufactured myth created by Hollywood (to sell exciting movies) and the gun industry (to sell more guns and bullets), and groups like the NRA (to sell their OWN -- and certainly not yours -- political power and profit).

    •  Depends On The Colony... (0+ / 0-)

      In the small colonies like CT, MA, RI, NH, & VT farms were not as isolated as in the larger colonies like NY, PA, NC, SC, & VA.  

      Guns were not common because of their poor quality and high cost.  During colonial times most people lived a "subsistence" lifestyle and couldn't afford luxuries such as guns.  But they were more common in rural areas than large cities.

      The Industrial Revolution changed everything including gun ownership.  

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