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  •  The Vatican has its own observatory (2+ / 0-)
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    ramara, Navy Vet Terp

    but in my view, only because a long time ago it realized that if it didn't join science and even try to co-opt it, it would lose the race to own human minds.  

    No, science and religion are not enemies.  They are just not related at all.  Religious people certainly do work in science, but if they apply their religious beliefs to their scientific work, they don't do well in the field, and their submissions for publication fail.  The only reason religious people are able to do science is because they are able to mentally compartmentalize the two spheres of ideas. If they apply the scientific method to their religious ideas, the religious ideas would be shown to be nothing more than imaginary. And if they apply their religious ideas to their science, it's not science anymore.

    I am not just thinking of fundamentlist Christian sects when I make these statements.

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