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  •  I would not "force" anyone to (0+ / 0-)

    think a certain way... that surely counters the goal of freethought. And I certainly would not attempt to take away the use of metaphors from anyone.  But there is another way to "force" people into thinking something is true that has no evidence behind it... by repeating it (especially to children) to the point of making it appear true.  For example, every day in our country, children are led in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, which says that there is a "God".  So what are the children learning here?  That all the adults around them and even their own public insitutions are saying that "God" is a truth about the universe.

    I honestly don't think that most people who talk about a god being the source of their inspiration are thinking about that statement as a metaphor.  I think they really believe that something outside of them is coming into them and causing something to happen that otherwise would not have happened ("I could never come up with this idea myself.")  This actually lessens the wonders of the human brain by attributing its wonders to another source.  It puts us in the position of downgrading our own intelligence and abilities to put forth wonderful ideas on our own.

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