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View Diary: Colbert misses the mark: The Transgender Threat to Old People (109 comments)

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  •  The person mentioned above... (3+ / 0-)
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    ...who referred to the Man in a Dress was a gay guy.

    •  Yes, I figured that out. The most hateful (5+ / 0-)

      prejudice against transgender people I've ever personal witnessed has come from certain elements of the gay community. Many times. As of about 9 years ago, I was told by friends that the largest Bi group of New York refused to allow TGs to join, and several gay restaurants in Boston of that time refused to allow CDs ,TGs, or identifiable TSs as well, until they were sued.

      I believe I'm mentioned to you previously that at the Fenway Community Health Center in Boston which is now the most successful, open, and welcoming health center I know of for the GLBT communities, the TG communities had to fight a hostile almost decade long battle with several prominent G,and L senior people including apparently a few  of the doctors, before being accepted finally towards the end of the 90s. (or it may have been mid 90s I was not there).  

      I have close friends who are still bitter about it.

      You probably remember when even Barney Frank, who is one of the good guys created a fuss in Massachusetts when he was willing to throw the trans communities under the bus to try to get ENDA passed the first time.

      Stephen Colbert may think that the GLBT etc and related  communities like Intersex, Genderqueer, Androgenous some of whom do not like being "lumped in." etc. are one big happy loving family of  mutual support, tolerance, open mindedness, and solidarity, but sadly the reality is too often different.

      All of these groups have a Bell Curve distributions of people with different personalities. Some of whom can be real pains in the the neck. The DSM-IV (I haven't read V yet) estimates that 1% of the population has anti-social personality disorder. I don't know of any research or reason why we wouldn't expect that same percentage in the LGBT communities as well.

      Sadly, though with smaller communities, the loudest, most conspicuous members sometimes set the image others then perceive is representative of that group.

      Because of still existing prejudice, shame, and various "phobias, and hate groups, more than a few "members" of the GLBT communities are still completely, or largely closeted and have no, or very small support groups and feel largely ostracized probably more than would be be the case, if they had more self-confidence, particular for the smaller sub-groups such as trans people.  

      So Stephen Colbert probably doesn't realize how hurtful satire can be to such individuals, many, if not most, are still working on PTSD-like issue dealing with public humiliation, rejection, and ridicule.

      What Colbert thinks is good nature banter, possibly imagining in his mind he is ribbing people like Ru Paul, who as far as I can tell is a self confident, aggressive gay drag queen, not a TS, and probably not even someone who identifies as TG in the traditional definition of someone with GID  (although definitions are fluid and multifaceted so I don't know) .  

      You said it a lot better and more succinctly, so it's stupid I guess for me to take what I congratulated you for articulating so well and then try to restate it in my verbose, ponderous, never ending paragraphs.

      Yet, because so many like Stephen Colbert, don't seem to understand many of the subtleties, perhaps, it is not excessive to restate the same idea, in diverse ways until more people get it.  

      For me, the sadest discovery as a scientific humanist is how little capacity for generalizing empathy about our own "liberations" human beings seem to have.

      When I was younger I idealistically thought that after such long and painful struggles for acceptance, and to over come prejudice so many minority groups had to fight for they would be the last to be prejudice against others, and be the first to reach out helping hands.

      So it honestly came as a totally shock to me to discover prejudice and intolerance for gays, and lesbians from women, blacks, religious minorities etc.

      And then once I got over that I was shocked to discover that some of the religious minorities we had helped overcome intolerance were not only intolerant of secular humanists, agnostics, and atheists but down right hated us.

      And then again, when I accompanied some TG and TS friends to P-Town for one of their Spring Flings to discover the degree of downright hateful bigotry some received from some of the gays, particular young ones sitting in gangs in near the post office - taunting TG at 2:30 am on Commerical street some of whom had traveled 800 miles to come to an place they expected to be accepted, or at least politely tolerated.

      Which oddly enough nearly all the straight people did.

      At one point I developed hostility of my own, thinking it is one thing for people brought up in the boondocks to be prejudice out of ignorance, or the culture they are in, but for members of minority groups who have been victimized by mainstream hatefulness to then be hateful to the "next minority down" seemed extra bad and unforgivable to me for a while.

      I one time asked indignantly here, about 8 years ago, at what point will we finally all identify as part of a "humanist" liberation of all people, and not have to refight the same battle over and over gains, for women, AA, irish, protestants, Catholics, Jews, Gays, Lesbians, and then TGs , Bis, the intersex, adrogenous, bigendered, other, both, neither, genderqueer, etc. etc.

      But, yes, that is what we will have to do. We do not apparently have much capacity to figure out the general pattern, like a mathematician, and say, "hey, I get it. We are all human beings and we are all different, and we should love and accept one another," and have one "humanist evolution" and liberation movement.

      And very likely have to come back and redo some of the combinations.

      But, I'm putting you all on notice, when it comes the turn of verbose, scientific trans-humanist trans-species hound dogs to be liberated you all better be there for us, or you are going to hear some loud complaints, I can tell you that right now. And, we'd better get to go before the cats, too.  Well, maybe gay cats can go first. One of our three  seems suspiciously fond of musical theater videos so I fear we are going to have some diversity sensitivity to learn over here pretty soon.

      Woof, woof!  

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      by HoundDog on Fri Jun 06, 2014 at 05:41:52 PM PDT

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