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View Diary: The military reported the initial disapperance of Bowe Bergdahl as a "(CRIMINAL EVENT) KIDNAPPING" (14 comments)

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  •  Keep it up, GOP (4+ / 0-)

    We still do not know the circumstances of his capture but since the GOP has organized this disgusting soup of dis-information including now that  he is a "muslim" theme and a deserter then this bit of information if confirmed makes GOP  look not only desperate to find a reasons to hate President Obama but slanderous.

    Keep it up GOP.  You will stop at nothing including slandering and libeling a POW to win an election.

    •  The nasty stuff about this soldier and his family (3+ / 0-)
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      PorridgeGun, jfdunphy, john07801

      needs to be countered quickly before it gets too entrenched.  As you just said, the GOP hatefest is in full swing.  They are on record opposing the rescue of our POW; now we need to let everyone know just how vicious they are being.  

      If Bergdahl had intended to desert he would have taken his gun with him.  Everyone seems to agree he was unarmed when he was captured.  I hope someone is keeping recordings of all the people who have been screaming about shooting him as a traitor, etc.  Apparently they do not believe in 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty'.

      The facts are not very clear to me yet, but this young man does not deserve the abuse Faux news is dumping on him.  The lies need to be exposed before they become urban legends.

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