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  •  For the record, numerous health (1+ / 0-)
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    care jobs are still low paying, sweatshop type jobs.  some hospitals remain on the3 brink of bankruptcy, and even thousands of reasonably well paid nurses are not sure when they go to work not only will they maybe not have a job or hospital to go to, but whether or not the hospital has robbed them of their pensions as well. A situation where you can lose both your job, and your pension, obliterating years of work, punishes savers, and makes more people dependent on federal money--the reverse of what should be happening to the hard working middle class. Fiduciaries who violate their duties, and rob pensions, belong in jail, along with the banksters who force workers to lose pensions. Wage theft and pension theft are major issues.

    •  I Know Hospitals.... (2+ / 0-)
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      allie4fairness, jfdunphy

      I worked for 25 years as a graveyard shift RN.  One way to remove hospitals from the brink of bankruptcy is to insure people.  Hospitals pick up the tab for those who have no insurance & no money to pay for their medical care.  Obamacare has decreased the number of uninsured in this country by 25%.

      One way to stop pension robbing is to have union representation.  Unions have been very good to me as a
      healthcare worker ensuring a decent patient load, appropriate pay & pension protection & sharing.  I've struck & walked in protest lines more than once to keep what we've earned.

      •  I'm sure you know this, but I don't (1+ / 0-)
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        crystal eyes

        think the general public realizes how susceptible nurses and health care workers are to 1) severe back injuries from repetitive moving of patients, and 2) workplace violence, usually in the form of being assaulted by patients on drugs, alcohol, or a mixture of pharmaceuticals that don't agree with their system, or psychiatric patients.
           To have worked under trying conditions, keeping up with continuing education requirements, on 12 hour plus shifts, trying to do something about a somewhat sane work-life balance,  is enough of a struggle in itself. To have employers in the position where they can take away your pensions is outright thievery, and there is a real need for pension reform that actually protects pensions. IMO, the key begins with taking employers out of the equation, by allowing them no role outside of taking deductions from paychecks. The 401K and 203 b systems put the power of voting the shares in the hands of wall street types who have little concern with the concerns of workers.
           If for instance, all the workers in a large hospital system could voter their shares directly themselves, i am sure you would see a re-orientation in the sensibilities of the corporations. For instance, nurses who had to deal with the ill effects of gang shootings would not likely vote for investing in a weapons manufacturer.  Ditto tobacco companies.
           Currently, shareholders in 401ks have little real idea of what they are really invested in, as by the end of the quarter there is the usual game of "window dressing' by fund traders. No one is even talking about the kind of transparency available to shareholders in the age of supercomputers, it having access at the close of market to summary data of all the fund's holdings.
          It's your money, but you don't have control over it as you should. And no one should be allowed to steal tens of thousands of dollars and years of labor from labor.

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