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View Diary: Stealing Michigan Taxpayers’ Money The Charter School Way: The Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll (61 comments)

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  •  They are still free to remain in charter schools. (0+ / 0-)

    Except they will have to pay the costs, not taxpayers.  It is good policy.

    And, making a blanket statement about public education being worse than charters is unsupportable.  It signals your bias.

    •  But... (0+ / 0-)

      ...these are usually poor families. They can't afford to pay for the Charters themselves. That's like saying we don't need Obamacare because all Americans are "free" to pay $100,000 for a knee replacement.

      Are the public schools worse? Well, obviously the families think so. That's why they put their kids in the charter.

      Maybe you think you know more about the particular needs of those particular kids than their families? If you are an education professional, you may even be correct. But how can we win elections by basically saying that parents are too uninformed to make choices and the Educational Establishment must make choices for them?

      Charters are a political and a policy winner. Stop standing in the schoolhouse door trying to stop inner-city kids from getting better schools! Do you think we don't see what you are doing?

      Instead of thinking up ways to say, "No, No, No" why not come up with some ways to improve Charter proposals so that they aren't as corrupt or dangerous to unions? This is something that is going to happen, I would rather that Progressives be driving the truck than getting run over by the truck.

      •  I'm not sure your view of the popularity of (0+ / 0-)

        charters stands up to scrutiny.

        There is an article (Jersey Jazzman? Some numbers wonk; I'll look it up, maybe, if you change your habits and actually respond on point) that looks at the numbers, and charters have a strong tendency to inflate their numbers.

        One popular ploy is to count every student on every waiting list as a unique individual, even though parents generally apply to more than one charter. Double-counting, triple-counting, or even more, right there. This serves the dual purpose of making themselves look more in demand than they really are for political purposes as well as providing a nice marketing touch to draw in more parents.

        Of course, once they get their per pupil funding, they can get rid of any "problem" students and focus on attracting more suckers -- er, parents.

        Before you blather on about NYC charters, remember: this is a national movement. People all over the country want a slice of this pie, and they don't care how many kids get hurt in the process.

      •  I would rather improve public schools. (0+ / 0-)

        Why don't you try it sometime.

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