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View Diary: Stealing Michigan Taxpayers’ Money The Charter School Way: The Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll (61 comments)

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  •  You've answered your own question, there. (0+ / 0-)
    "Until you can show that your credentials are better than (or at least the equal of) Stanford's, I'll go with a Stanford study."
    Now there is evidence that CREDO's methodology sucks. I go with current evidence, unlike you.

    You go with anything that furthers privatizing education.

    But in the vein of fairness, I do agree with this:

    There are good charters and bad charters.
    There are good ways to implement them and bad ways.

    Let's try to duplicate the good ways!

    Let's start by removing the profit motive from charters. Completely and entirely. Remove public funding, period. Since they claim to be private when it suits their purposes, make them private in fact. No taxpayer funding of any kind for any charter.

    That might solve all the issues right there, but I doubt you'll support such an idea.

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