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    Just for the sake of argument... No one has ever actually physically SEEN an electron.... There's lots science that we've not actually seen. We assume they exist.... And we've made scientific laws to justify the existence of these things.... But really. Who has seen an electron....

    So absence of evidence doesn't actually technically equal evidence of absence...

    The scientists that first theorized the earth was in fact round and not flat--as had been the belief prior to that--was done without actually having SEEN that the earth was round.... They assumed it based on other things.... But it was an assumption.

    To assume that something hasn't been done or discussed or proposed simply because we weren't there is, we'll, presumptuous. You've never seen my husband and in have sex... But alas we do... You're not having been in the room with us doesn't make it not so...

    And you can't just assume that because we're married we are having sex, because many married people don't. Just, you know, for the record.

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