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View Diary: Did Virginia GOP bribe Democratic senator to resign, kill Medicaid expansion? (136 comments)

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  •  It would be a cold day in hell (8+ / 0-)

    Before I would vote to confirm the daughter to that bench.

    My understanding is that the VA legislature nominates judges not the Governor, if so no democrat should vote for this nominee.

    The reason she wasn't approved was a rule (I think unwritten) that no family member would be approved while their family member was in the Senate.

    NEW RULE: If your family member accepts a position in government in order to get that person confirmed then the appointment is void unless approved by 4/5ths of the Senate.

    If you live in VA call your Senator and complain now about this obvious "legal " bribery.

    I thought TX legislative ethics were bad but really Bob Mcdonnell and now this.

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