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  •  Is that water, are those hills ...? (11+ / 0-)

    The answer is no -- it is the Bonneville Salt Flats on a late May weekend. "Floating Mountain" is on the right side of this screen-capture. You can walk many miles on various textures of salt before getting to the base of that range, and discovering that is is not an island.

    The thermal currents of air refract and reflect in different ways, surrounding the visitor with mirages. The Salt Flats are made up of mostly-white mud, averaging 40% liquid, and it is hazardous to your axles to go off-track.

    Note: See those three white hills on the left side?
    They are not salt piles, they are reflections of the island/mountain above them and the contrast of light on dark makes an illusory landscape happen.

    No day at the beach -- I don't expect to go there again until it cools down, but I sure want to 'hunt' some more photographable mirages.

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