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View Diary: White Iowa teacher tells black student to address him by saying, ‘Yes, sir, master’ (193 comments)

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  •  I agree (2+ / 0-)
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    bkamr, JeffW

    with the vast majority of your thoughtful response.

    And it's nice to seen from another teacher that some "back and forth", if used judiciously, is part of spending 5 days a week with teenagers.  

    How could we survive without it?

    The idea that this young man was saying "Yes, sir" in response to being told to get ready for any exam is pretty ludicrous.  I think he was probably gently sticking it to his teacher.

    But so what?  This hardly rises to the level of misbehavior.  It is just a kid being a kid.

    If the teacher said "Massa" like the student reported, he needs to beg forgiveness from the student, his mother, and his supervisor - your apology framework is excellent.  

    If he actually said "master", he would probably still be better off apologizing and explaining rather than getting defensive - intent matters, but if you offend someone you have some responsibility to make it good.  

    The only thing I disagree with you about is that it is inconceivable that he did not mean the remark to be specific to a black student.

    When my students forget to say "Mister" and simply call me by my last name - something I find annoying - I tell them they can refer to me as "The Lord of Doom" if they prefer.

    "Lord of Doom" has nothing to do with medieval serfs or any other historical period.  It is just a goofy remark.  It isn't totally out of the realm of possibility that I could said "overlord", "merciless one" or perhaps without carefully thinking about it, "master".

    And I would hope if I apologized, I wouldn't end up being excoriated on Daily Kos as the result of an unfortunate mistake.

    •  LOL Lord of Doom! I love it. We are actually (5+ / 0-)

      in agreement that the remark was meant for a black student and it was racist.

       It was a long post, and it's a nuance. I don't think this teacher knows he IS racist.  He is.  The situation factual shows that.  And I'm not in anyway excusing him for his ignorance and responsibility to not be the teacher ALL  his student deserves.

      His student deserved not to have a racist teacher. period. Who upset him before a final exam.

      I want the student to have another chance at that exam!  The teacher may learn from this ... whatever, and I'd like us to go after the recoverable ones who have teachable moments like this to make better teachers!

      BUT, my first concern is the student and that test.  If I was on the faculty, I'd be going after the administration to get the student another chance at the exam -- for himself.  That test score went on his record.  THAT's institutional racism that goes forward in life.  

      Apology yes.  Another bite at that apple?  Fucking YES!!

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