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View Diary: California discovers hidden price tag of outsourcing Bay Bridge to China (282 comments)

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  •  BLOODY EFFING HELL!!!! (pardon my french) (7+ / 0-)

    Pardon the swearing, but after reading that article it was really the only way I could think to express the sheer magnitude of what I was reading.

    I've watched every episode of engineering disasters from the Modern Marvels series, practically every episode of Seconds From Disaster, and the only thing I can come up with is that their building this bridge to fail ON PURPOSE!!!!

    If an American company tried to get away with what's being described they would've been fired in a heart beat, lost all their accreditations and been taken to court over this kind of WILLFUL neglect & shoddy workmanship. It's like these people don't understand how much damage the kind of cracking that was being found on a regular basis can do. Sure a crack might be less than 10mm's at the time of construction, depending on conditions that crack could grow to fatal size in no time. Also the articles mention that they left sections outside with no coverings and allowed them to fill with water, You ever hear of the Point Pleasant bridge??

    Built in 1928 it was built in such a way that cracks in the right places could bring the whole thing down, in 1967 corrosion caused by deferred maintenance and inspection caused one of it's eye-bars to crack, bringing the whole thing down, the crack was only 0.1 inches deep....

    We already have tens of thousands of bridges that are classed as Structurally deficient or Fracture Critical, meaning either they are susceptible or that they are in danger of failing. We don't need to build a bridge that might well be as member of those categories from the BEGINNING. I really REALLY hope they inspect this bridge like a hawk, because I'm NEVER going over it......

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