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View Diary: California discovers hidden price tag of outsourcing Bay Bridge to China (282 comments)

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  •  Public statements by highly paid CalTrans (1+ / 0-)
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    representatives (e.g., statements that CalTrans found everything acceptable and the contractor not responsible) mean that any attempts to hold the Chinese company liable have no chance in a court of law.

    The entire reason it was built was due to earthquake safety after the old one lost a piece in the 1989 quake...

    Yes, a new bridge was needed, but the new bridge has already been falling apart -

    The bridge could have been built in the USA if there had been interest in rebuilding USA's steel-making infrastructure. As it is, the steel had to come from China ... and where does China get the necessary 'steel coal' (the special form of coal needed for steel-making)? ... why, from the USA, of course! (Does that call to mind a 'third world' country?)

    But what got me is when they announced that even the work that had to be done on site (in California) had to be done by Chinese workers brought in on H-1B visas ... because, you know, there just are no competent born-in-USA steel workers in the bay area ????? Thank goodness for the H-1B, right ????? And let's all get behind the current "immigration reform" bill that will allow even more H-1B visas and make it even easier for employers to get them than it already is ?????

    All par for the course ... just more and more proof of how wonderful the corporate globalized world has become ????

    Anti-globalization movement

    Rumors of it demise are exaggerated! In fact, those rumors are lies!

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