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View Diary: Las Vegas shooter sought rifle on Facebook before rampage (68 comments)

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    Just check the gun's registry, and hold the last legal owner . . . oh yeah. Nevermind.

    It's time and past time for some of those "well-regulated" regulations to be instituted. If your responsibly-owned gun goes missing, you're on the hook for reporting it to the proper authorities or you're responsible for any irresponsible use it's put to.

    I remember the scene in "The French Connection" when the Gene Hackman cop rousts a seedy bar. Everyone lines up, and empties the pockets of the patron in front of him. Popeye admonishes the patrons to keep an eye on their neighbor: If he "drops" something, it belongs to YOU. If junkies in a dive bar can understand the concept, responsible gun owners should have no trouble grasping it as well.

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