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View Diary: Since Sandy Hook, one school shooting in America every school week (96 comments)

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  •  comment sections are full of them (7+ / 0-)

    they dont know what staying on topic is. they lie. they bring up obama-hatefully. the use foul language. they threat. they mock and insult. they attack in numbers.
    and those are the nice ones.

    the others are itching for a fight-literally. they want a revolution. and they think they will win.

    really scarey crowd. or more like a mob frenzy.

    •  Yes, people (0+ / 0-)

      who think differently about guns are scary aren't they? I've seen the antis do the exact same things you're talking about. People who dare to speak up in defense of the Second Amendment are often branded as sociopathic child killers just because they don't want to be victims.

      Almost all gun owners≠Ted Bundy & Friends

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