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View Diary: Since Sandy Hook, one school shooting in America every school week (96 comments)

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    As bad as the school shootings are--and I suppose they represent the worst of the whole situation--increasing numbers of students are left having to deal with the moronic "solution" dreamed up by scared, stupid local school districts:  more police in schools.

    I'm so glad I went to school in the 1970s/1980s when right-wingers and their enablers had not turned schools into just the starting point for the school-to-prison industrial pipeline.

    The result isn't shootings being stopped.  It's kids going to jail for telling their teachers off or for getting involved in any sort of scuffle, no matter how minor.


    Product, we need more product!!  We need our jails to grow!  It's not enough that America warehouses more of its citizens in jail than pretty much any country, ever, in human history.

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