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    We lost our previous cat, at age 15 to the most horrible respiratory illness you could ever imagine.  She lost most of her teeth over the years.  Had mouth sores.  All sorts of problems. Her last moments were spent coughing up blood.

    She had spend her kittenhood in a shelter and became addicted to dry food, which, at the time, had copious amounts of CORN.  I tried to wean her off the stuff, to no avail.

    We now have two cats, which we got as kittens and I vowed to feed them better.  We use 1/2 canned cat food and 1/2 ground gizzards (and sometimes hearts and or livers.)

    Boil the gizzards for a few minutes then grind in the food processor.  Gizzards sell for $1.99 a lb and that lasts you 3-4 days of feeding two cats.  They're actually cheaper than the canned food.

    Because the vet says we need to keep our cats' teeth cleaned, we give them a scoop of Evo dry food once in a while.  Evo is the best stuff, hands down.

    But add in those gizzards.  Not only are they cheap, they're good for the cats.  

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