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View Diary: Immigration reform is a heck of a lot more popular than Eric Cantor is with his district's voters (100 comments)

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  •  I really can't buy into this... (3+ / 0-)
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    aaraujo, commonmass, Incredulousinusa

    ...mainly because of the jubilation on the Right over his defeat.  Brat was a one-issue candidate who was outspent 10 to 1.  Those people don't win unless that issue has total salience.

    •  or else it is a very low turnout where the (4+ / 0-)

      value of each vote is magnified.  I understand this was not the case in this case

    •  Agree with you completely (3+ / 0-)
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      NewtC, gagme, Punditus Maximus

      Something is seriously strange with attitudes and polling on "Immigration Reform". The word amnesty is left out whenever possible, which is really at the heart of it. The Chamber of Commerce wants Mexicans for cheap labor, to put it bluntly and politically incorrect. Immigrants worried they will be deported make willing employees. The Chamber of Commerce is Republican to their core, yet the Democrats are the ones associated most with "Immigration Reform". The powers that be in both parties are finessing a way to keep cheap labor flowing and taxpayers financing it. Americans, including liberals, wouldn't know a bad thing if it hit them in the head. Reagan signed amnesty to 3 million. George W Bush wanted amnesty for immigrants (Wikipedia). That should tell you something is rotten in Denmark and at the American border with Mexico. E-verify and laws to prevent illegal hiring have never been enforced and will never be enforced. Who's going to do it? Only chumps would want millions of laborers from other countries taking jobs while our taxes provide care and comfort for said laborers. Mob mentality at work.

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