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View Diary: Immigration reform is a heck of a lot more popular than Eric Cantor is with his district's voters (100 comments)

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    The good side of this for liberals: This makes a lie out of "inevitability," and shows that an underfunded, little known candidate, can take down a well financed, well connected incumbent who NOBODY thought was in any danger whatever, with retail politicking and smart use of social media. If the Conservatives can take down Cantor, then there is no reason why liberals can't takeout some Conservadems.

    The bad side of this for liberals: It also makes a lie out of the old saw "You don't have to worry about motivating the Repub. base, they're already as motivated as they can get!" No, apparently not. Turnout was higher this time than it was in 2012, by a pretty good margin, and I think we can say the Republican base was pretty motivated in 2012. The fact is there are still new heights to be reached when it comes to Republican enthusiasm, and it's the extreme conservatives  who are learning how to reach them.

    The bad news for everyone: the congress will become even more dysfunctional than it currently is for the time being.

    The good news for everyone: The polls are no longer sacrosanct. Under the radar wins can happen. The lesser known, underfunded candidate with no chance, can take down a well known, well funded, well connected, "shoe in"and beat him senseless.
    Not a single incumbent, on either side, can feel completely safe after seeing Cantor go down. He had it all going for him, money, position, name recognition, and all the polling. He won big the last time, and everyone expected, right up until election day that this was going to be a cakewalk for him. What did it apparently was that the challenger basically got his GOTV machine cranking and people turned out. This means all sorts of "unwinnable" races may not be so after all, and that applies to the general elections as much as to primaries.

    The machine can be beaten.

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