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  •  Thus far I've resisted doing diaries on this topic (8+ / 0-)

    partly because, as you say, forestry is complex. The forests of the US and the world are not monolithic entities where one prescription fits all. Each section of forest should be studied for its individual characteristics, and also for the way it fits into the overall landscape. Shouting "clearcutting is evil" from the doorstep of a wood house won't really accomplish much. And shouting "I like spotted owls, fried" in response won't help much, either.

    Touchy subject, this forestry business. The only HR I've ever collected here was tossed by someone (not a Bucketeer) who was offended to see me quoting an environmental-group fundraising letter word-for-word.

    •  Some irony for you: (8+ / 0-)

      I was biking to work a few years ago when a car pulled beyond the white line at a stop sign and hit me. I flew off and rolled over the hood of the car, but was fine. Fine enough to get up off the pavement and slam my fists down on the hood of the car and yell, "FUCK!" (it was my second hit).

      Anyhow, it turns out I knew the driver. She belonged to a local citizen's group that was anti-growth and had been a voice in our bike/ped community--especially safe routes to schools.

      She was exiting the development she lived in and in a hurry to get her son to the school that was four easily walkable blocks away--even in the semi-foggy weather.

      Really difficult to be part of the solution when you're part of the problem, but that's the world we live in now.

      Wise words from my made-in-China, impossible-to-recycle-safely computer.

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