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View Diary: Democrats aren't giving up on immigration reform in the wake of Cantor defeat (51 comments)

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    Democrats have an interesting in keeping the myth of the possibility of immigration reform alive because it keeps pressure off the president. If activists viewed immigration reform as DOA, then they'd put more energy on trying to get Obama to take the actions he can (like changing his disastrous policy of deportations and detentions). It's easier to keep the focus on Republican obstruction.

    And it ignores the fact that the Senate bill is awful--filled with border militarization measures and an obstacle-ridden path to citizenship that won't even help the number promised. And, for it to pass the House, it would get worse.

    •  But Republicans have the House (1+ / 0-)
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      and their obstruction will be a reality as long as they have that majority.
      Immigration reform may be popular with much of the public, but they won't get it unless they are willing to reject Republicans at the polls. They must be willing to struggle through several election cycles.

      Censorship is rogue government.

      by scott5js on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:11:27 AM PDT

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