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View Diary: An Open Letter From a Parent To CNN: 'Murders Like My Son's Don't Count' (48 comments)

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  •  I want to send a bill to the NRA (8+ / 0-)

    $564  gun violence costs every american
    364 million amercans.
    =two hundred five billion two hundred ninety-six million

    7.4 million for every human life
    10,728  deaths from handguns- 2012
    =seventy-nine billion three hundred eighty-seven million two hundred thousand

    those figures seem astronomical, but while the ins co and the govt might have to put a value on human life , I sure as hell dont

    •  Sounds like you're overcharging (0+ / 0-)

      Number of homicides committed with a handgun in 2012: 6,371. Source: FBI.

      Current population of the United States: about 318 million. Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

      The problem with sending a bill to the NRA is that the NRA didn't commit any of those murders. The NRA didn't urge people to commit the murders, didn't supply the firearms used to commit the murders.

      Why not just cut straight to the chase and bill the killers?

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