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View Diary: An Open Letter From a Parent To CNN: 'Murders Like My Son's Don't Count' (48 comments)

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  •  Today on our news, in North Florida, a 15 year old (3+ / 0-)

    boy died from being shot in his own front yard.  I know where it is, it is a poor, low income neighborhood, but filled with good people.  It is not far from the neighborhood I fled 8 years ago because of the violence and danger to us and any other resident there.  The news didn't have any information tonight about why, or who, but it is a sure bet it is either an arguement with a friend, an accident while fooling with a gun, or a drive-by.  We have had several children in our area killed by accident because they were in the wrong place when someone decided to shoot up a neighborhood.  One was a little girl of 10 who was watching a movie, one a 13 year old girl asleep in her own bed.  Inocents, who did nothing wrong, just got in the way of an idiot with a gun.  I feel so badly for this mom, for all the moms who have to bury their children because of gun violence.  Indeed, when are the people who are supposed to represent us going to wake up and realize that the NRA is the enemy of us all.  I know people who have guns, who support guns, but want nothing to do with the NRA or their stance on guns.  

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