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View Diary: CNN says most school shootings aren't school shootings because reasons (54 comments)

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  •  I don't know (0+ / 0-)

    I don't know about labelling things as "School shootings" or not,but it is worth distinguishing between the various types of cases. Gang killings or more mundane murders have a very different causes and MOs than Newtown like shootings.

    Much like we distinguish between domestic murders, gang murders, murders during robberies and spree killings.

    They're different problems and they need to be addressed differently. You don't respond to gang violence in schools the same way respond to one teacher murdering another over a love affair and you don't treat that the same way you handle a spree killer, just because they take place in the same kind of building.

    The Empire never ended.

    by thejeff on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 06:37:10 PM PDT

    •  If You are in a school and you shoot a gun..... (3+ / 0-)
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      Tronsix2, Tria MacLeod, cybersaur

      it is by definition a "school shooting." CNN is splitting hairs into ten pieces or more.

      •  CNN Wasn't Splitting Hairs... (0+ / 0-)

        CNN was misquoted in the Diary.

        Here is what CNN said in their article.

        CNN determined that 15 of the incidents Everytown included were situations similar to the violence in Newtown or Oregon -- a minor or adult actively shooting inside or near a school
        Here is what the Diary claimed:
        In a news report published Thursday, CNN amends its prior reporting that there were 74 school shootings since the Newtown Massacre — a number calculated by gun violence prevention group Everytown for Gun Safety — and concludes that there have instead been just 15. [...]
        If we want to continue to be a Fact Based Community we should at least quote people correctly.
        •  I may have interjected my own reading of the (0+ / 0-)

          report into this comment.  I am unable to paste the link but here is an excerpt from a June 12 story on:

          Emphasis is mine:  

          (CNN) -- After Tuesday's shooting at an Oregon high school, many media outlets, including CNN, reported that there have been 74 school shootings in the past 18 months.So on Wednesday, CNN took a closer look at the list, delving into the circumstances of each incident Everytown included.

          Everytown says on its web site that it gleans its information from media reports and that its list includes school shootings involving a firearm discharged inside or on school grounds, including assaults, homicides, suicides and accidental shootings.

          CNN determined that 15 of the incidents Everytown included were situations similar to the violence in Newtown or Oregon -- a minor or adult actively shooting inside or near a school. That works out to about one such shooting every five weeks, a startling figure in its own right.
          Some of the other incidents on Everytown's list included personal arguments, accidents and alleged gang activities and drug deals.

          I was responding to "CNN determined" part of that story.  Guns... schools....shootings? CNN determines?   I'm just sayin'.
    •  Could you be missing the point? (3+ / 0-)
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      Plantsmantx, Tria MacLeod, Val

      I do believe the subject matter here is the safety of our children while in the classroom. I don't really care if it's a love gone bad, a drug deal with faulty signals, or just a garden variety maniac, guns and gun-related deaths inside a school building is what we're trying to manage here. And the first step in any scenario is best managed in the same way: Keep the guns out of the hands of certain kinds of profiled personalities, you know, domestic abuse perps, drug dealers, anyone with a criminal history or history of mental illness. I won't hold my breath while you try to understand the sanity of that.

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