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View Diary: Prepare for a massive revisionist assault on Iraq this Sunday (94 comments)

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  •  What if News people stood up for the truth? (10+ / 0-)

    I was against Iraq war. I said it would be like busting a hornet's nest with a stick. I knew the evidence of WMD was hyped, anyone closely following news knew the tubes and yellow cake stories were disproved. I thought disbanding army and police was a mistake. I thought we should allow local democratic governments like townships and wards to organize be responsible for local needs, then send delegate representatives to a larger body. I thought the Biden 3 semi-autonomous Kurd, Sunni, Shia regions a good idea. I thought Maliki agreement was another Vietnamization. I never voted for Bush, I did vote for Obama who abided by Bush's agreement. How am I and the the POTUS lumped into the people who failed and lost Iraq? News people should just mention actual history to Senators McCain and Graham and all the other Neocons.

    The past, present, and future are equally compelling; none of the three are easily understood.

    by Grey Panther on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 01:14:36 PM PDT

    •  "[F]ailed and lost"??? Mais non, mon ami(e). (0+ / 0-)

      If you gave Sen. McCain's words the attention he assumes they deserve, you'd understand that Iraq was an American "success" that Pres. Obama has squandered away.  And that Pres. Obama needs to get rid of his national security team and bring back the succeeders.  

      I pity The Onion.

      We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. B. Franklin

      by Observerinvancouver on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 02:06:50 PM PDT

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      •  And the best way to get them all to go away (3+ / 0-)

        is for Obama to agree with them.

        He should just say - 'they might be right' and poof! They'll immediately change their minds.

        Oh wait... that would mean they'd have to agree with us pulling our troops out. And that going in wasn't the best idea in the first place.

        Oh wait... can't do that, that means we agree with Obama.

        Oh wait...

        Just hook them to a generator, and we'd have unlimited energy from them spinning so fast.

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