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View Diary: Yea, I'm old, white and sometimes angry; I'm not a RWNJ (137 comments)

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  •  I'm getting on in years... (23+ / 0-)

    and five-and-a-half decades of friction has toughened this hide let me tell you.

    I'm developing repetitive motion disorders in my shoulders from shrugging off hundreds of things that get others in an instant lather (until the next affront invariably comes along).

    Even though I don't reflexively screech every time my late middle-age white male demo gets disrespected, I notice. That is what people do, our brains are wired that way. You may not react, but you process that which relates to you.

    So now that the topic has been broached, I shall break my silence. The wingnuts have a point when they say that older white males are fair game in a society that's otherwise trending politically correct.

    Example, I've been a contractor at a business for over a year. There's been a lot of turnover in the full time staff. There's an opening that interests me. I'm by-far more qualified than anyone who's been considered. I mentioned my interest to the boss and was told "I'm looking for someone younger."

    Can you imagine the seism that would ensue if he'd said "I'm looking for someone [whiter], [maler], [less disabled], [more attractive]...?

    The easy response to this is, "well, you guys have had it good for centuries." That's true. And I've fought against that injustice for longer than many who express that sentiment have prowled around this planet.

    So I don't let it piss me off or get into pointless debates over slights to middle-aged white males. There's plenty of discrimination and inequality to go around. I'm a tough son of a bitch, I'll handle mine my way.

    But know I notice. And I estimate the level of enlightenment of the dealer accordingly.

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