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    The Hebrew Scriptures, despite the arguments of right-wing fundamentalists, always "evolved"(evolution pun intended). The Bible was constantly re-interpreted by the rabbis in the Mishnah, Talmud, and later commentators to fit the times and new issues arising. Even the various Biblical authors evolved in their views. Although early writings indicated that the children  would be punished for their parents' sins, in Ezekiel, it is made clear, during the time of the Babylonian Exile,  that every person is responsible for their own sins and not to be punished for their ancestors' misdeeds. Those persons could eventually be "redeemed" and return to the Land of Israel. Yes, the line of Korah did not die out.  Jewish tradition has it that the Prophet Samuel was a descendant of the Korahites. In fact, the Korah family become Levite choristers in Solomon's Temple and are often mentioned as such in various Pslams. Psalm 47, for instance, said before the blowing of the Shofar on Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, is a Psalm of the sons of Korah. Hopefully, in defeat, Eric Cantor will have plenty of time to further study the Scriptures he first heard  in religious school. Maybe he will learn their true meaning of helping the poor, the hungry, widows, and orphans (Social Security, health care, etc.). For more on the latest political doings, read  this

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