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  •  I had two doctors like that in a row. (1+ / 0-)
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    The first left the area to become the head of a hospice program in another city.  I couldn't fault him for that, and I knew how great he'd be at it.

    The second took a full hour with me on our last visit, and spent much of the time apologetically explaining his decision to take a position as a hospitalist.  The kind of medicine he had practiced was interfering with his ability to devote enough time and attention to his own family.  Having had a largely absent father myself for precisely that reason, I understood.

    Now, I've got what I call a "doorknob doctor."  When she comes into the exam room, the doorknob never leaves her grasp.  I've been thinking about doctor shopping, but I live in a rural area, and options are less than plentiful.  So, I'll probably just wait her out, as I think it more likely than not our little burg is just a stepping stone on her career path.

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