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  •  It's more complex now than that. (4+ / 0-)

    ISIS was formed as a Syrian offshoot of ISI Fighters in Iraq and went to Syria to join the anti-Assad Front. Being fanatics with combat experience, they quickly became the shock troops of the FSA, and as first in, they got the best weapons, ( donated, taken and looted), and the best comm gear and training.

    Under pressure in Iraq, the ISI was forced back into ISIS held areas in Syria, where the ISI joined up with their prodigy. Spits over power, tactics, money, focus, extremism quickly festered, as the Iraqi members and leadership had no compassion for Syria and Syrians, and the "new" ISIL fractured, with many Syrian members leaving to join the less extremist al-Nusra Front,

    And the FSA and al-Nusra started counter attacking against the ISIL gains. Shortly after, the Maliki Government used armed force to crush the peaceful Iraqi Spring protests, and suddenly, in Iraq, the Sunni Tribal pressure was off the ISIL in Sunni Iraq, while it was growing on them in Syria.

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