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  •  Unintended Consequences owns that situation. (0+ / 0-)

    ISIS/ISIL grabs some cities and goes looting. Blood everywhere. To them it looks like Arabia 622-632 and the conquests.

    But my guess goes elsewhere. For me, the big news goes all the other way.  

    What changes this world -- in my guess -- is that Qassim Suleimani, head of Qods, is in Baghdad. He is not there secretly. He is not hidden off at an eastern hideaway.

    al-Shaheed stands, commemorating as many as 350,000 who died in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. But now Unintended Consequences is speaking: Iraq does not exist for its citizens. Now what they have is sect and tribe.

    The situation parallels what the United States faced at the end of the James Buchanan years. The central government was ineffective . Parts of the country seceded. There, slavery was the fulcrum; in Iraq it is competing authoritarian religions and leadership issues.

    Qassim Suleimani is no Abraham Lincoln.

    He models on Muhammad, the Prophet of God. Successfully. So when he has finished his first task and consolidated Iraq's Shi'ia militias to an Army of God, expect the real war to begin.

    He is 57. That gives him time to conquer Iraq, drive into Syria with a good part of his mixed Iranian-Iraqi force, kill these Sunni/Salafi irregulars to the man for retaliation, and link up with his own Lebanese Hizb Allah and the Assad forces at Damascus.

    No surprise if Qassim Suleimani ends up ruling Greater Syria by 2018. (Bashar Assad is an eye doctor.) Forcibly converting the 80% of Syria that is Sunni. Killing the Salafi irregular forces in Syria that the West insists stupidly on tagging as "al Qaeda connected." And changing the map of the Middle East for ever.

    Lebanon + Syria + Western Iraq = Greater Syria.

    He has been to military strategy what Shakira is to music: a singular multi-talented, multi-lingual genius.

    ISIS/ISIL ??? Over-extended. No logistics support. A gang. Mass murderers.

    Soon to be corpses.

    Pencil in for spring of 2015 with 50,000+ IRG and 500,000+ Baghdad Hizb Allah running the slaughterhouse.

    And from Tehran, a deep "Thank you!" to the Saudis for joining forces with Israel after 9/11 to get America to destroy Saddam Hussein. KSA eliminated their greatest Sunni rival.

    So now Iraq is going Shi'ia permanently, the Ba'athists are gone, and if the Greater Syria concept settles in, the Shi'ia will have a new area as large as Turkey to rule as they please.

    Unintended Consequences smiles.

    "Stealing kids' lunch money makes them strong and independent." -- after Paul "False Prophet" Ryan

    by waterstreet2013 on Tue Jun 17, 2014 at 07:32:25 AM PDT

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