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  •  I don't think it fit this season at all (4+ / 0-)
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    I personally think Lady S is a terrible character in the books and I won't miss her if they don't include her in the series at all.  But if they do want to, I don't see how they would have fit it all in last night.  I think it was important to show Bran's story, and I personally loved the Brienne-Hound encounter which also put Arya where she needed to be, on the way to Braavos.  I don't see how they fit Lady S in there, and if they want to put that in next season, I'm sure they will.

    •  I suspect that the reason for both Lady S and... (5+ / 0-)

      the Lightning Lord is to show both the power, and the limits, of a red priest... or priestess.

      This is so that when a certain red someone addresses a particular event that occurred to someone else in the closing pages of book 5, you'll be clear on what's happening.

      Lady S is a world building example, rather than an active character.

      There. Was that vague enough?

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