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View Diary: Arne Duncan ignores reality to embrace attacks on teachers (158 comments)

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    accustomed to interacting with the education bureaucracy, not with teachers, who work at that place where the rubber meets the road. Sadly, far too many education bureaucrats are as oblivious to the problems that impede education, and to efficient, relevant solutions, as are bureaucrats in other spheres.
    Odd, considering most education bureaucrats were once teachers themselves. It's as if the process of completing the Masters, even the PhD, has a deleterious effect on the very qualities that inspired them to become teachers in the first place. Speaking as a former teacher, married to a teacher, I say from firsthand experience that education bureaucrats I have had to interact with were all too often the primary impediment to reform, not the teachers themselves.
    And all too often, what I witnessed in these bureaucrats was ambition not tempered by judgement or empathy, and a magnification and glorification of their least functional traits. In short, they had lost their way, were anchor-less, prone to crashing a well-designed project through imperious and yet irrational and haphazard micromanagement. And the false-faced zeal they projected...parents and teachers alike saw right through it...

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