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View Diary: Ux5: Shorter Maine GOP Legislator: Rape should be legal. No, seriously. (329 comments)

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  •  A guy by the name of (8+ / 0-)

    Oscar Emerson - see my post farther down the thread.

    And by "very red district," here's some further info. Maine runs about 33 D, 28 R, 39 U by enrollment. Lockman's district is about 27 D, 32 R, 37 U. And a lot of those U's are likely R's that are too ornery to enroll in a party, or think the Republican party is too librul for them.

    The district has no large towns (I think the largest is about 1200 people) and also includes towns in 3 counties, making it a bit more complicated to run in a state where much of the grassroots political effort is done at the county level. Our county committee will provide some support, e.g. voter ID calling in the few towns that are in our county. But for the most part he'll be relying on help from the ME House Democratic Caucus. They'll get him set up with palm cards, etc. and exhort him to "do the doors," because that is how you win in Maine…..even when the doors are half a mile or more apart.

    So it's a challenging district for a Dem, to put it mildly. I am glad to see that the candidate is a longtime resident and has served in local elected positions. That should help.

    Support a Progressive Dem from Maine for US Senate! Bellows for Senate

    by Illegitimi non carborundum on Wed Jun 18, 2014 at 11:17:43 AM PDT

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    •  Best thanks for this. (0+ / 0-)

      My funds are limited, so I like to put them where they really count, and this sounds like the person and the place.

      I'm not sure what it takes for a candidate to get their name up at ActBlue, but if you know this guy you might let him know about it.

      Right now it looks like he may not even have a website . . .

      •  Emerson is running (3+ / 0-)
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        Brainwrap, peregrine kate, Creosote

        as a Maine Clean Elections candidate. He can't accept donations.
        And he probably doesn't have a website, although he does have a sparse Facebook page. Frankly, internet access (and even cell phone service) is probably miserable in most of his district, so lack of much online presence isn't necessarily a big deal. Candidates win in rural Maine by "doing the doors." People will cross party lines in down-ticket races, IF they actually meet the candidate and feel that he or she listens to them.

        Support a Progressive Dem from Maine for US Senate! Bellows for Senate

        by Illegitimi non carborundum on Thu Jun 19, 2014 at 04:23:28 AM PDT

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