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View Diary: GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: It costs too much to fund the VA (261 comments)

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    3goldens, on the cusp
    Bravo for you guys getting rid of Can't-or! He and RoJo do share that contempt for "the little people" they both exhibited.
    Bravo indeed for the good people of Virginia's 7th Congressional District! Although the GOP who successfully primaried Can't-or is Godwin-on-the-hoof Tealibaner David Brat, that just makes it easier for the good folks in VA-7 to give him "El Booto" and elect Democrat Jack Trammell as their Congressman.

    I, however, am not a Virginian; I've never set foot there. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    To get a reasonable Dem elected as the Representative from Colorado's 5th District, we'd need to rid ourselves of about 7/10 (70%) of our voting electorate. Mere GOTV won't do the job; we'd actually have to replace people.


    "It's high time (and then some) that we put an end to the exceptionalistic nonsense floating around in our culture and face the fact that either the economy works for all, or it doesn't work AT all." -- Sean McCullough (DailyKos user thanatokephaloides)

    by thanatokephaloides on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 04:20:09 PM PDT

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