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  •  I remember the frustration of that year vividly. (0+ / 0-)

    My first forays into campaigns were on a state assembly campaign in 2008 and a Feingold steering committee in 2010, both in my rural conservative area.

    The Feingold committee was mostly convinced that they should rely on resurrecting the OFA network folks they relied on 2 years previous, and target the same constituency - generally younger first or second time voters. I disagreed, believing that network and constituency had been sorely disenchanted in the intervening 2 years, and Feingold had always got a lot of crossover votes simply because his straightforward honesty trumped policy with a lot of conservatives. But I was a newbie, and the respect Feingold garnered from conservatives was not exploited.

    The assembly campaign had taken quite a different path, getting deep into neighborhoods which had elected nothing but Republicans for decades with parades, handouts, meet & greets and lots of youthful enthusiasm, appealing to the best nature of local conservatives, and got one of Wisconsin's best Assembly Reps (D) elected. Of course, that was 2008, but he won here again in 2010 before being re-districted away from us as punishment for stealing votes from their constituency.

    Johnson dumbed-down the entire campaign, had the controversy of his Senate appearance to help protect Catholic clergy child-abusers, lost all the televised debates to Feingold bigtime for anyone paying attention, but at least around here, the older and quite serious Democrats trying to reprise a youthful rising lost the local vote for Feingold bigtime. Big shame on us.

    "All war is stupid" - JFK

    by jorogo on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 10:41:22 AM PDT

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