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    There are lots of problems with that analysis. Firstly, as someone who was trying to make local mobile phone calls after the bombings happened and found the networks to be jammed - the use of a mobile to trigger the bus bomb would have been hit-and-miss at best, and quite possibly unachievable.

    Secondly, it assumes that the triggering mechanisms were mobile phones - there is no evidence that this is the case.

    Thirdly, the bombings on the tube were not simultaneous - which suggests that the location of the trains - in the tunnels - may well have been the determining factor, and that the bombs were manually detonated by the bombers. It also doesn't help that mobiles don't work on the underground network - so you can't make mobile to mobile calls there.

    Fourthly, the assumption that there was a second group that shadowed the carriers to trigger the bombs is unnecessarily complicated. There have been examples of unwitting carriers in the past - usually packages carried by airline travellers, which is why airline security now asks whether you packed your bag yourself and whether anyone gave you anything to take with you.

    Fifthly - the London Underground works to a first/last schedule with frequency of service being the issue in-between, not the actual timing of the train arriving at the platform. Given the creaky nature of the tube at the best of times, you couldn't predict with any certainty either positions of trains or whether there would be glitches in the service. It's quite plausible that the bus bomber intended to take the Northern Line northbound and was frustrated by a service interruption. Why he didn't just take the Northern Line southbound or switch to the Victoria line is the real imponderable here.

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