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  •  I voted "No" in the poll because I don't support (8+ / 0-)

    mixing computers with the ballot at all. I help hand-count our town's paper ballots and having run for election myself I have witnessed how hard the "keepers of the checklist" work to keep our voter rolls current and correct.

    I also do not support same-day registration. If you care enough to vote at all, you should care enough to call city hall, find out the registration procedure for people new in town and do it, or wait until the next election. The whole point of registering at all is so that the town clerk and the "keepers of the checklist" have a month to weed out people who have moved away and check the identity of those who have moved in and asked to vote there. We seem to assume that everything must be instantaneous now because we have "online" services. Well people are still people and it takes a few minutes, even if "the computer says" something is true, to be sure that the computer is right.
         I work at a library that never had to ask for ID until the economy crashed and people started moving through town on a temporary basis a few years ago. Now we ask for your driver's license or other photo ID, and a piece of mail or utility bill that shows where you are physically located compared to where you get your mail. for ten years I never had anybody lie to me, now twice in two years I have had people come to me with proof that they are not the person with the same name who didn't return the books and they are trying their best to unscrew the rest of their credit too because the computer didn't know the difference by the names and the dates. The times that things don't just register smoothly are they very times that it takes dealing with people in person.
         I think if you are on the ball enough to vote you should be able to do something as simple as that. If you are stuck in a facility or location that does not facilitate your civic duty, well then the local democratic club has its work cut out, eh?
         I also think that it sucks that personal recognizance is not enough in the situations where people may not be able to produce the paperwork but yet the people all around can vouch for him (as in she's 100 years old and now they won't let her vote). I appreciate that ID is checked both into and out of the polls at my place and happily produce my info even though we've all known each other for 30 years. But I also expect that if one of the townspeople said "this person is my new neighbor and I'll swear to that" then we would accept that as identification too. Affidavits are important. And when we hand-count we are sworn in first.

    Two things about hand-counting: We have a voter roll that has approx. 2800 people at any given time, and 2500 of them showed up and voted during the Obama vs. Hillary primary. That was way above average, but it only took from 7 pm until 2 am to have it signed sealed and delivered, even though there were a host of other things being voted on too.
        I think that if people participate in their democracy, voting blocks of 5000 could do this by hand.

    Thing #2 is that we don't leave until all the columns add up exactly, up, down, across, sideways even. I have watched them search for hours for eleven votes, just to be as sure as we could possibly be. (Found 'em all too.)

    One perfect example of why I think this is so important is the story of Santorum, Romney, and Mr. True. Because I do what he does (write down the number results on a scrap of paper while I am there and take the news home to double-check in the morning) I believe him when he swears an affidavit that the numbers have been changed.

    We are all pupils in the eyes of God.

    by nuclear winter solstice on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 06:05:56 AM PDT

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