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  •  I have a different, less popular take on this: (19+ / 0-)

    I was serving in the Navy overseas in the early 70s and had to field some very intense conversations with foreign nationals about the quality of American leadership. I confess to having to stammer and stutter in some of my responses to queries such as, "How can an American politician be discovered having masterminded criminal activity and still avoid prosecution according to the laws that are supposed to apply to every American? That was what I thought made America a special place in the world." How in hell could a 20-something kid in the U.S. military - with a good education and a background in the study of U.S. history, no less - answer a question like that without feeling like a chump?

    Gerald Ford set the modern precedent for using "the healing of the Nation" as an excuse for allowing criminal behavior at executive levels to be absolved of consequences. Nixon, in my opinion, should have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and serve prison time for his role in developing the Watergate break-in and obstructing justice; anyone else other than the POTUS at that time would have felt the full fury of J. Edgar's wrath and be given an all-expense-paid accommodation in Leavenworth.

    This country did NOT need "healing"; it needed to be spanked, and spanked hard for sending a petty political hack with paranoid tendencies and a proclivity for duplicitous criminal behavior to the highest elected political office in the country. It needed to know and reaffirm that nobody - not even a sitting president - was above the Law.

    In pardoning Nixon, Ford sent a clear message to every politician, huckster, fixer, mob cretin and gangland thug that the only thing you need to beat a rap  - no matter how much evidence is working against you - is a good connection or a lot of wealthy "friends". And soon thereafter, the undisputed modern paragon of hucksterism - Ronald Reagan - got to spend 8 years setting the stage for the train wreck we now experience called 21st century America. Even sedition and corporate tax evasion is now legal... of course, they're now known by other terms such as "patriotism" and "preserving shareholder value".

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