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  •  Agreed - some social services should not be profit (11+ / 0-)

    centers.  It doesn't bother me if health care professionals get paid extremely well, but there is no reason for the insurance companies to be involved as middlemen, siphoning off billions of dollars and influencing what treatments are given to patients.  It is very upsetting that the delivery of fresh water is now becoming another service that local governments are selling off.  Services like that become much more expensive when there is a need to generate a profit for the CEOs and the investor class.

    We can't all be millionaires, and life isn't fair. But we can decide to make life more fair. With the wealth in our nation we could easily provide a roof for everyone and enough calories to keep people's mind and spirits working. There's nothing wrong with being rich, unless you got that way by taking advantage of your employees and customers.

    We want you to terminate the GOP's command. With extreme prejudice. (from "Utopia Soon")

    by oddmike on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 02:13:56 PM PDT

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