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View Diary: Thank God John McCain Will Never be POTUS (31 comments)

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  •  You know, I go to their website (3+ / 0-)

    every night and think I hit all bases, and I had before I came on DK. Yet I'd missed it.

    I have an ongoing level of exasperated deep dislike for McCain but have thus far held back the white hot fury I feel for the likes of people like McConnell. I think I have wanted to respect him, as I remember him being more respectable and principled about a decade ago. Probably I have subconsciously given him too much of a pass for his POW status and PTSD likely from it. I want him to be honorable. He used to play a good game at that, but clearly it was just a game.

    He's gone of the deep end since he lost to Obama. Especially in the last few years. He lies through his teeth like most of the Republicans today, blatantly and fluently and he didn't used to do that when Ted Kennedy was alive. (kept him in check?). His rabidness around the attack at Benghazi was bizarre (yet normalized by the press). He's been outright destructive lately...parleying with foreign powers in opposition to our elected government, led by our elected President. Though this isn't the first time (he's done it with Israel too), this one goes pretty far.

    This story makes me ill, creeps me out that our country has come to this and that a sitting Senator acts this way with impunity from our press. He gets treated with respect by those people. I expect he still will be.
    He's dangerous.

    •  oops. Off the deep end. (0+ / 0-)
    •  McCain (7+ / 0-)

      I shareyour thoughts. I used to wonder if it was that he wastrying to live up to his father and grandfather and that all that acting out at the academy was just immaturity. When I read about his flying career and his actions on theship when the fire broke out I believe it shows such a recklessness.  I also respected his service and thought his pow days must have destroyed something in him.

      As the years have gone by though I now believe he is just a reckless, mean.spirited, self centered jerk who will say and do anything to get what he wants.

      The end for me was changing his position on torture. He, more than anyone should know how utterly depraved any act of torture is.

      Just as he did in the pow prison he will lie in order to obtain what he wants. The way he treated his first wife, his lies about when he was marrying Cindy McCain, the Keating scandal he has had to many passes. I lump him in with Dick Cheney as two of the most loathsome human beings.

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