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View Diary: Did BushCo Tip off London Bombers? (231 comments)

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  •  conflicting interests? (none)
    Yeah,Bush and his neo-con cabal inlisted terrorists to bomb our most loyal ally. That way he could confuse those that think he's fighting against the terrorists, when actually Bush and Osama are plotting a diabolical scheme to take over the world and turn our rotting corpses over to alien abductors to run genetic experiments.
    •  well (none)
      As long as we're corpses before we're turned over to the aliens...

      All kidding aside, I don't think it occured to the administration that London would get bombed. I'll believe them to be ignorant, arrogant, nasty, delusional, and even cruel, but I still don't think they're intentional murderers.

      You know it's all beginning to feel like it's ending.

      by hstokes on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 03:07:58 PM PDT

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