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  •  2010 - The Last Year of Good Governance (3+ / 0-)
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    ChadmanFL, Gary Norton, aimeehs

    It's hard to believe Congress was able to pass a law as good as the Affordable Care Act as recently as 2010, the last year they did anything decent.

    But, while it may not have been the single payer dream we were looking for, it was a pretty damn good bill.  Below are the top 12 features:

    Provide Universal Coverage
    1. Expand Medicaid for the poor
    2. Provide subsidies for the working class
    3. Expand community hospitals and clinics
    4. Allow children up to 26 to stay on parent’s plan
    5. Pay for it with higher taxes on the rich
    Reduce the Cost of Healthcare
    6. Limit profit and administrative costs to 15%
    7. Set up competitive state exchanges
    8. Require preventative care
    9. Require everyone to be covered
    Make Insurance more secure
    10. No pre-existing conditions
    11. No lifetime limits
    12. No arbitrary dropping of coverage

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